Smart Controller

This is the brains of the entire technology. Solar heating is controlled by comparing the temperatures in collectors and in a solar cylinder. Based on this temperature difference, the solar circulation pump is either started or stopped. The controller does not lack safety functions like collector protection, solar circuit protection, or night recooling. These features are now a current component of any advanced solar controller. If the temperature in the second solar cylinder is too low, the controller starts the air-to-water heat pump. Hot water circulation within the pavilion is controlled as well, using it own time schedule. Heat loss due to circulation is compensated primarily from the solar thermal system. The controller keeps comparing the temperature of returning circulation water with that of the solar cylinder. If the returning water is cooler, the 3-way valve installed in the circulation piping switches and water is diverted through the solar cylinder. Otherwise, the 3-way valve diverts water straight into the second solar cylinder where it gets heated up from the heat pump. The controller involves an integrated web server that enables online monitoring of the entire system. The controller is pre-programmed for this specific application with regard to our own measurement requirements. However, its hardware is identical with currently supplied Regulus IR.

Regulus IR Controllers involve a dedicated website and Internet connection as standard. The Controller offers remote management via RegulusRoute service that permits remote adjustment of the Controller incl. obtaining all system operation data. Thanks to this, the momentary condition of the hot water heating technology at the Czech Pavilion can be followed on the webpage dedicated to online monitoring.

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